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Power Wheels Derby for Kids

Saturday, July 13th


We cannot stress enough this is a fun event for the kids, so no adult should ruin that for them.

IF we have enough entries, we will have 2 classes: Ages 3-5; Ages 6-8.

RULES: ALL children must be signed in with at least one legal parent/guardian at the pit gate. PIT PASS CHARGES MUST APPLY TO ANYONE ENYTERING THE PIT AREA FOR ANY REASON.

ALL children MUST wear safety helmets. Highly recommended full face helmet. ALL children must wear at minimum: long sleeve shirt, long pants, fully footwear (boots recommended – NO OPEN TOE SHOES). If child gets out/off of the power wheel during event, that child is out of the event.

ALL Power Wheels must remain stock with no added reinforcement’s! You may replace plastic tires with rubber tire or similar size for added traction. Must use factory battery only and must be mounted securely and covered.

Power Wheels may be decorated, but may NOT be reinforced by decoration. Decoration can only be made out of the following: card board – tape – paper – etc. Keep in mind this is for fun, for the children! NO sharp, protruding elements allowed.

Each Power Wheel must have a number visible.

Each age group will be given a time limit. One parent will be allowed on the track with child during the event. All children participating will receive a prize.


Adults: $15
Youth (4-12): $5
3 & under: FREE
Pit Pass (ALL AGES): $20
Driver Pit Pass: $40